p, as partisans

This is an example of tasty&classy reach in electro-pop music. The singer is only 17 years old. Sings about things she (not)knows, without trying to be some sick Lolita with daddy issues.

I was never much into pop music but there are some great musicians that deserve every bit of a respect. However the 21st century is proving to be a very stupid one in terms of pop music. Also the voice of Annie Lennox notices something’s going very wrong with the whole pop music industry.

I know what I’m talking about. As kids, my friends and I have witnessed enough of old pedophiles jerking off. We’re all born&raised at Dalmatian coast, enjoying&loving our paradise as children normally do. For some unreasonable reason, a ‘civilized’ pedophile would visit Dalmatia (part of Yugoslavia at that time), considering it to be a paradise for ‘free watching’. However, what they all didn’t know is that we, the uncivilized child natives, would not stand still >> we would take a rock, stone or whatever and hit the mother f…er hard. Bitter surprise for him and lots of laughs from our side. Yeah, ‘a civilized tourist’ didn’t know that the wild natives can be pretty crazy and defensive as young partisans.

That’s why I don’t know what’s happening with teens today. It seems as if they’re under some kind of weird hypnosis that ain’t for sure a sexual revolution. It looks more like a global sexual repulsion.

I reckon that if any of those kids singers or kids fans would witness jerking off of a some old pedophile, they would be at least repulsed. But hitting them hard with a rock or stone, well…that takes a lot of discipline, practice and great team of normal kids.

beeing carefree&responsible >> that’s true freedom

d, as danica

I don’t like this day. Honestly, hate it. And one must not hate. Calling it; ‘mio capriccio de odio’.

On this day moja baba* died. She was my mum and I was ‘only’ 21. I know life is not fair and her sudden, ‘unfair’ death made me question life even more. Moja baba was always healthy and strong like a bull (even in zodiac she was a taurus). Shortly before her death I almost lost a kidney due to insufficient fluid intake after running. She always worried about my kidneys; it was her ‘capriccio’ to always remind me to pay attention to kidneys. After 3 weeks I got better while she suddenly got sick and died 3 weeks later. I wasn’t at the funeral cause I couldn’t bare it. But I could bare being with her in the hospital, massaging her, washing her, talking and making plans about our garden etc. Her hospital room was no. 36.  Now, whenever I hear someone talking that at 35-36 km of a marathon one gets a crises I put a ‘smile’ on; somehow I remembered that perverse number and there’s no way that I’ll get a f… crises. Still, if it occurs, moja baba will help me.

She taught me many, many things. Extremely wise, down to earth, simple person. Loved to talk a lot and made people laugh as true stand-up comedian. Had a thing for inventing new words or phrases that made weird sense. She was a professional cook so I learned everything from her. She was also a great gardener and we never had to go to supermarket for vegetables or fruits. Working with earth, plants, flowers, vegetables was her zen moment that seduced me already as a small kid. My wish is to have own garden one day.

But the most, most important: she was my only solace and anchor for simple wild child soul. She would protect me from mother, brother, grandpa, father…in short, any version of a ‘stupidity’. Thought me to look at life with ease whenever is possible and not to worry much about things that are in essence irrelevant. Only thing that she constantly repeated was ‘pamet u glavu’** and everything will be ok.

Today I really tried not to think about this day. I took my dog to veterinarian’s clinic for a small procedure and everything went well. He doesn’t need an additional operation. But during my evening training, the evening star Danica shined so brightly; tough it was cloudy, she was peeking through, watching me.

This is her favorite song. I used to play it for her on the piano and she would sing.

I love&miss my Danica. Always will.

– – – –

*   eng. my granny

** eng. be smart / use your brain