10, as 10

Wise person plays stupid only to reveal the true character of a person or a situation.

10s live simple.

Life of 10 has no home. It lacks supporting family and thus other connections. 10 had a fucked up life from the start and the passing years were all about the change, from a victim to a fighter, then from a warrior to a pioneer.

10 has one, maybe two true friends and tons of acquaintances. 10 inspires others but more often it’s the one others are very envious about. 10 easily reveals human’s polarity: either it’s easiest to hate or easiest to love. 10 doesn’t care about other opinions or actions; it knows way upfront when it’ll be misjudged or misused. 10 knows how to be alone and is not afraid, alone turned into whole in one.

The 10s are 100%  self reliant and are free from cloned social etiquettes. They continually evolve without disturbing the balance within oneself. 10s lose early their family ties, often not by their choice but the life set it that way long time ago. Social isolation for 10s is an inevitable, painful, reoccurring phenomena. After end of each ‘isolation’, 10s are reaching their full capacity and are bond to move upwards. Once the process has started it cannot be stopped.

It’s very rare that two 10s meet and fall in love. If it does happen, than it’s a natural phenomena.