red zone: Croatia / Vatreni, World Cup 2018

entire world needed a miracle.

12 boys and their trainer, trapped in a cave on Thailand, were saved.

I was hoping they meditate coz that could’ve been the only solution until rescued.

Fortunately their coach was ex buddhist monk, Ekapol Chanthawong

Parallel with that, a small country of Croatia did something amazing.

For the entire world this ‘something’ transcended the notion of pure football. Quoting cro film director Antonio Nuic: ”Kurosawa had his 7 samurai, we have our 12 samurai and the best director Zlatko Dalic.”

i too needed a miracle, a big bada bum miracle.

The coach Zlatko Dalic, our players, the fans, all of them made us really emotional and proud, PR made for ‘kings’.

20 years ago i was living in Vienna and my austrian ‘boyfriend’ started to take me seriously only after Croatia went into semifinals in World Cup (we beat Germany). until then he was ‘sorry’ that i’m not french or scandinavian coz i looked like that. i broke up with him very shortly after his comment.

many times i felt ‘stupid’ after hearing ‘ahaaa’ sound of disappointment for not being from e.g. Norway, France or else. Such a stupid feeling when your country of origin is not everyone’s cup of tea. Anyone who was living abroad in those late 90s knows very well how insignificant they felt. This country is stunning and has enormous potential, yes I am thankful I was born here.

heh, even my ex bosnian boyfriend always wanted to live in usa, to date american girl and drive a pick up truck. he’s married for american girl now and lives in usa. I’m happy he got Trump for president 😛

Now, on the other side of the planet, guys from Samoa islands sing in Croatian 🙂

I love sport. Football is not my game but the World Cup i like since i was a kid.

I love Brasil’s ginga and Pele was my favorite football player until Luka Modric appeared.  And for past couple of weeks I witnessed Croatian dance which I’ve been waiting for 20 years: to see them not just playing but ‘badass dancing‘, to see ‘our game’.

And among soo many things, VATRENI definitely showed that they have golden Balls, Dick, Brains and huge ❤

Thank you Vatreni and especially coach Zlatko Dalic for bringing us the feeling of love, respect and unity. And that the world also was a part of it > it’s all about sharing good vibes.

can’t write more..going out, atmosphere is super spheric!

ps. working & drawing continues after this break 🙂