miracle worker

Have tons of work but it’s this new life i’ve been hoping for, joy of being alive. I was lost many times but I always felt my life was ‘I dont know who I am. I dont know where I’m going. Adventure.’ Years have passed and adventure now brought me to myself, the core is intact (child within). That’s most important. The rest are prescious fine layers of life experiance, remind me of big wings.

Life or bingo is e.g. working what you love and being really good at it, what naturally comes to you. Super bingo is meeting the One. Ultimate life is being lucky winning both bingos.

Point is, with or without bingos, always be true to your whole self. If you dont know who you are dig, go deep, lend yourself a sense of adventure and be bold. Comparisson with others leds to misery and losing yourself on the way.