only with my permission

Tonight is my last night in my ex apartment. im happy that is ex coz it didn’t work out. other place is just right, feels right, also the bed is on the floor (yeah). new life start. no drama just bliss.

so actually i wanted to write a few words about hashtag me etc. but i’ve been moving all day long so I apologize if my sentences are not too elaborate. you will get the picture though.

*Violence against women is one of the most serious and ugliest crimes in the world. i do not relate it to hollywood hashtag me2.

as a woman (whatever that means) I had almost no problems with men (whatever that means). with women, a lot. discrimination, mobbing and else not to even mention. all my ex besties turn to worsties. Despite it all, wouldn’t it be plainly dumb to claim that woman attack other women in such & such occasion. it does happen, a lot. women are angry with reason. but they don’t know how to help themselves. also the world is dominated by male energy. it’s irony that women raise men and women marry them, ‘give’ them child… soo it takes two to tango.

women are great emprovers of others, but when it comes to themselves many of them are making the same ‘mistake’ for centuries. she willingly neglects the most aspects of herself, grace, sexuality, sensuality, creativity, strength.  i was attacked by professor at the academy, sorry at his atelier he wanted to show me. i got him strong by his balls so he froze. i gently asked him about his wife and children and how it would be unwise to tell anything about this to anyone. he agreed so i gently dragged him out of atelier holding his balls. The professor after that took a year off. cool of him and we are cool now. i didn’t report him coz hate to create life problems for kissing me without my permission. also he understood the situation in the atelier. i believe women should at first at least try to take care of themselves ‘internally’. It’s the change on an individual level of every woman that is necessary, not primarily as a pack. men see a pack of women as a threat and again there is this stupid tension in the world. bureaucracy can’t make men and women think and react, rather it makes everything numb.

the thing is, i don’t blame a man in this situations. i came to atelier, naivete, 2nd year at academy. but the moment he invaded my space without my permission i reacted. remember LeeLoo from 5th element. exactly. It’s automatic. many people watch movies yet very few chose to be a main actor in own movie.

i wish women would become more gentle and charming. more sensual and quiet. not quiet in sense of acting wise by not talking. i mean quiet. also i wish women would become less jealous of other women and be more friendlier. i also wish women would leave men to be men (whatever that means). they are being over domesticated with no apparel reason. they love it, check ikea or any other shopping centre. i also wish men could feel free to feel more coz they do. i use to say that men are more sensitive than women, a few years ago scientific study showed that.

i also wish to go to sleep so i wish you a good night.