I was talking to a guy about Haiti and he suddenly mentioned that if the earthquake hits Haiti, it will be catastrophic: everything will collapse like house of cards. He knew that all the money Haiti got form UN was not used to build earthquake – safe houses. Few years later, in 2010 earthquake of 7.0 hit Haiti causing major catastrophe. Seven days before the event, i was feeling immense sadness i couldn’t explain. When i heard the news i remember falling down to my knees crying hard. I had a friend there which i met when i was 17 and always wanted to visit her. I know Haiti is among poorest countries in the world, but so what. People are beautiful. My friend from Makarska worked there (a mission, doctor) and after a year she had to leave. She said the situation there became unbearable..so she went to Pakistan..before Haiti she worked in Sudan.

Today, Petrinja, Sisak, Glina and lots of villages were hit by the strongest earthquake in croatian history, 6.2. Petrinja’s and Glina’s centres are in ruins. These towns suffered terribly in war but sadly, the earthquake, in just 10 seconds managed to beat by far that horror record. Sisak also. My dad is ok but his house is damaged, luckly, not too much. Unfortunately, my other friends lost their homes today. I still cannot visit my dad, photos i see are devastating.

Zagreb was also shaking a lot today, almost more than in March..my old neighbours were crying, they just cannot handle it anymore. I live in old centre, my flat is ok, but those of others are not.

Now, you can say, you had to build better houses etc. My dad’s house was build by german engineer. So eventhough it is almost 100 years old, apart from the roof, house is ok. But those of many others are not. Big tragedy happened and currently there is little else to say about this.

Since i was a kid, i only had fear of earthquakes. In Makarska, Earth would often shake and the sound of awkward thunder was the ultimate horror sound. When earthquake hit Zagreb in March, my thought was ‘so today is the day i die’..Today, after experiencing again strong earthquake and realizing that epicenter was in Petrinja and Sisak, it made me feel like a ghost. I couldn’t get my dad on the phone, yet i refused to think something bad happend to him.

Shit happens. Nature’s force is nature’s force. It’s immensely powerful making human being in a second humble and tiny, tottaly irrelevant. Poor people are now made even more poor (as if this was possible). In these horrific moments, what makes me feel a bit better is seeing people from all parts of this small country getting together helping in all possible ways. Evil might be stronger but Good is much bigger*. (*nature knows nothing about good and bad, this is just my human ‘figure of speech’)

My thoughts go to sisak-moslavina county ❤

ps. learn from japanese, the masters of construction (2011, earthquake of 9.0 lasted 6 minutes). prosecute construction criminal(s) and introduce new laws regarding construction&building.