George..happy b-day

he had most profound vocal sensibility, gorgeous color..his lyrics too.. plus his solo fight against music giant sony tells it all..

i was listening only to George when i started to draw in teenage years. also while falling to sleep..and war was easier to bare with his voice inside my head..


i talk 2 the trees

accumulation of anything but love, leads to unhealthy obesity.

akumulacija bilo čega osim ljubavi, nezdravo deblja.

i’m looking at the sings with sparrow’s voice.

gledam krošnju drveća..ona pjeva glasovima vrapčića.

David talks to the trees. 🙏

love is unicorn aka bruce lee

..rumi said ”you have to keep breaking your heart until it opens”..easier to say than to do. guess some persons don’t know any other way. love is anything but logical. so if a person is to turn out ‘stupid’, then love is the most legitimate place for such act. in any case, best place 2 be is 2 be in love.

great love requires strong heart for love in its essence is extremely strong. she saved me many times. pure love, don’t know how to explain it. let me put it bluntly: i’m alive, that’s the best’s too personal to write it further in this binary mode.

as people get older, i noticed their hearts tend to shrink. and if they had a tough life, the shrinking gets even more progressive. as if they’ve earned excuse to justify their insensibility, lack of interest for others, lack of respect for love. it’s easy to be ‘good hearted’ when everything is going good. but as soon as life situation changes most people turn into zombies and continue living their dead life until the day they die. being a zombie is scary. and it’s totally unhealthy.

i’m working on my new painting series, in2 the wild. personally it’s my most sincere work so far, apart from beloved braining series. this one has colors, lots of it. i was ‘afraid’ to step into something i felt beautiful within me coz beautiful things are not ‘cool’. i thought it might show off my most personal treasure chest, my extreme sensibility that i was forced to hide since i was little. i’m truly happy i’m alive: in my darkest moments there was a teeny tiny gut feeling, softly whispering, ‘you think you have nothing, but you do have a gift you never dreamed of why don’t you live to see where your painting’s gonna take you..your time will come and then you’ll paint again, a new.. just have patience. does a person become strong? bold? how does a person become an artist? guess everyone has its own way. one thing is certain: talent is a gift and it’s a huge responsibility given to very few lucky ones. no matter how difficult life is, those born with a talent are the lucky ones. truly the rich ones.

this existence is in the utmost need of unicorns. they do exist but most of them are forced to hide under layers of fake costumes..if spotted, some of them are sadly bullied to cut their own horn.. what is important is that unicorns do recognize each other. then they instinctively watch one over the other, truly love and care for each other. seems as if no one else in this world is capable of doing it the unicorn way.