lack of title

i am watching news on tv and saw something that spilled my cup. a protest against istanbul convention in split, croatia.

‘unfortunately’ i was born in dalmatia county, town of split, country of croatia. patriarchat is their mojo.

throughout my life, unfortunately i witnessed several cases of violence against women. these women were very close to me, some still are. while i was living in spain in andalucia, almost every week at least one women would be killed brutally. in majority of cases it was a case of domestic violence. safe houses are a tiny hope for human beings who want to escape violence in own home. only coz, at times, are physically inferior and cannot / dont know how to fight back. spain has still not improved. when i came back to croatia, it was really tough to see my friend colleague with bruised face. glasses didn’t help nor did the silence.

fyi, i rarely say this, being physically inferior when facing a combat is not cool. it’s scary.

it’s cold to only say every woman should escape violence immediately. what can you actually do if you have nowhere to go where it’s safe? + where there is no ‘normal’ law that it’s there to protect you & your children from the horror. i know situations from women i mentioned, the sick part is that as a friend you can do almost nothing. and now back to the beginning, in which who knows how many trolls are protesting against istanbul convention – “the strongest move that has ever been made to combat violence against women and girls globally” (2016).

the patriarchal climate is poisonous coz it’s an extreme example of a society system. i openly say when talking about violence against women the question of gender follows on its own. any man who was raised to be the future head of the house does not see a woman as an equal. and those women who marry that kind of person accepts inferior ‘position’ in a community made of 2. from an early age she accepted a more passive role. a passive role upbringing is easy to detect when there is an absence of healthy curiosity for discovering own potential, rather mimicking own mother. her decision making is not a reason not to have a framework that’ll help that woman if one day sees her life turned to nightmare. some countries are way ahead of us in terms of viewing human beings, island for example. and we all know how it was back in those old days.

anyway, what bugs me the most are women that are loudest in their protests against ratification. no further comment. ps.won’t involve jedi into this.