economy of 4th reich

I don’t like Angie. Never did. Same is with Obama, Cameron, Putin and others former and future VIPs (short for very insane politicians).

Nothing comes good when one country or a person is granted ‘the big’ power. Now in 21st c., the paradox of democracy lives fully: the rule of minority over majority is the law. Cause in a human’s term of ‘antagonistic’ dualism, for what can you opt instead, an anarchy?  Quantum physics probably holds the answer. But for now, sadly, human evolution & loveution still have a very long way to go.

Angie and her right christian democratic buddies won for the 3rd time and after 60 years liberals didn’t manage to enter the parliament. In this ‘democratic’ process of voting, each individual freely gave the power to his/her politicians. And they all hope that that particular political choice is surely the best deal for her/his family;  they’ll continue to provide jobs and safe future for the working class.

On the other hand, rich people don’t vote. They get richer.

As expected, Berlin became Washington’s true best friend. And as in a some kind of surreal nightmare, history’s repeating: Germany is becoming economical 4th Reich and german capitalism will soon surpass the horror of the american one. These days an old infamous motto“arbeit macht frei” rings some perverse bells in the EU.

Let me conclude this tiring post with a politician’s mantra: “we take our values and turn them into your laws”

ps. hell, let me rather finish with Danke Schoen

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