h, as human

I was about to tell a funny story, but I run into a quote and changed my mind. I’ll tell the funny story next time. It’s all about postponing pleasure.

“The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.”   M. Twain

“Fear is the best trick ever created.”   M. Gulan

“Man is an enemy to man. Wolf is a wolf to wolf.”   M. Gulan

From young age I understood people’s behavior, its triggers and (re)actions. At first, I’ve noticed that people carry a bunch of little secrets. Then, I’ve witnessed people laying a lot and with ease.  At last, I saw a lot of pain and fear in most people I’ve encountered.

My understanding is that evolution of humans is exclusively driven by fear. The ‘species’ that do survive are not the strongest ones, but often the ones that are scared the most. Fear makes one very stiff, alert and cunning. But fear also leaves one shallow, lifeless and dead serious.

Long, long time ago, a human was placed in a battle to conquer fear of dark, undefinable dreams, strange inexplicable noises or phenomena such as earthquake, thunder, storm and so on. During that battle, the human started to communicate and think. The first settlements were build, rituals emerged, various gods worshiped, ‘paintings’ painted satisfying animal spirits or gratifying natural forces…Yet, the human (similar to Sisyphus) saw that as soon as one fear would be diminished, or seemingly erased from its existence, a new fear would take its place. However, in a very short time, the scared cunning human understood that ‘fear’ is a very powerful tool. Much more powerful than any known magic. And if you (ab)use it, one might become powerful as a thunder or earthquake, making others to fear you far, far more.

Short, short time ago, from the downs of the humans let’s land into 21.century. On cosmic watch a very little time has passed. The technology is a bit better but the human is still very frightened and shut behind death bars. The human today fears no fire, god’s anger or plague. The human in 21.century is very afraid, more than any other human in previous centuries and there’re justifiable reasons for it. Germs and bacteria in the kitchen for example.

What went wrong?

Technology  that was suppose to help the human, turned into the worst enemy. The ‘new’ technologies are creating fake-life atmospheres. That kind of living affects the human and creates favorable train of thoughts. Media and social groups force continuous comparison and competition thus creating frustrations. Still, they kindly offer a possibility for everybody to share everything about nothing. The human can fake and beat the loneliness at the expense of lack of intimacy. And if the human needs sex, there’re channels where you can easily handily click and click and click…

Death in 21.century is perceived as sickness. Scientists are diligently working on developing methods to stop that madness (video: transhumanism). I ask myself “does Earth needs more very rich people with the birth rate exponentially growing like yeast?”. While rich get richer, poor work poorer in conditions known as iSlaves or amazon.com-hands > ‘work hard – have fun – make history.’   

The money has never been the issue. It’s just a symptom of the sickness.  It’s all about the fear. The human is very much conditioned to it. Thousands and thousands of years need to pass to alter that conditioning. Yet, I question if that conditioning will ever be surpassed with current DNA structure.

It seems that everything went wrong from the early beginning and yet, it’s just the way it should have been. There are a lot of different worlds out there and mesmerizing Earth is currently home of fear…not love. Exceptions do exist, sadly they are not the rule.

Let’s make this wannabe story a bit funny at its end. Never forget to laugh!

In a primary school, a teacher is asking pupils:

T:  What do you want to be when you grow up and why?

kid 1: I want to be a doctor so I can help people and get rich

T: And you?

kid 2: I want to be a cashier and make a lot of money. Or maybe a fireman so I can save people from fire.

T: And you?

kid 3: I want to be fear so I can scare people and laugh at their face.

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