a, as audible

question: who is superior?
answer: silence & earth prevail. humans can vanish in a split of a second.

for a long long time, cosmic magic that lived on earth was silence. in solitude, it was eager to meet, greet and teach each atom of its earthly home. with the silence as a magician, earth became peacefully blue in her bones. slowly slowly, earth’s bones grew stronger yet lacking flesh to warm them up. the silence truly loved blue earth and understood her longing, so it decided to gave up a piece of its solitude to be transformed into the sounds of movements, volcanoes & earthquakes. then, a bit later, the silence gave another piece of itself and was transformed into the sounds of weather, thunders & storms. blue earth was overwhelmed by experiencing silence’s wonders of sounds and was becoming lovingly greener in her new flesh. the silence was happy about wearing various costumes and earth loved being entertained with its magic sounds. in no time, the two became one and lived happily colorfully ever after.

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