cm, as creative minds (RIP)


nice little article about 6 lessons from creative minds.

i’ll get back later to this post, but before coming back i must write down:  art is freedom and responsibility at the same time.

“If we established something as art, we’ve also automatically determined the existence of something that is not art. I’m interested in where is the boundary.”   Ivan Ladislav Galeta

i woke up and found out that Ivan Ladislav Galeta died yesterday, the same date as Nikola Tesla. Ivan was professor at Academy of fine arts in Zagreb armed with zen wisdom, humor and wit that transcended all notions of time and space. he always made me laugh just by his mere presence but that laugh was not the one you hear on comedy shows. it was a type of laugh you get after reading a ‘funny’ zen story. i knew that professor Ivan ‘knows stuff’. simple, wise, warm person who talked to students and children as his peers, lacking any form of artistic-macho/gay superiority. he was an artist, ‘normal’ person, freed from destructive, chauvinistic, phony, pretentious life.

i’m not in a mood to write further about creative minds. i wrote a statement previously and i don’t feel a need to elaborate it. everyone who reads this blog has a brain that can be put in use.

Ivan Ladislav Galeta and Nikola Tesla now share the same death date. both are creative minds. what they did to preserve their creativity is not important. it is important that they managed to save their inner child and live their passion the best they could. RIP dear Ivan.

you cannot choose how you’ll die but you can choose how to live. that often requires a lot of courage and enough of healthy craziness.

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