vukovar, as vukowar

hero town: VUKOWAR / 155x93cm / oil on canvas / 2011

some wounds heal.

some wounds heal leaving unforgettable scar.

some wounds never heal. 


today is a very sad day.

i was 13 when the unthinkable started. the terrorist ‘jugoslav’ army, which i used to admire as a young pionir, turned into our worst night mare when they turned their weapons on civilians. during 87 days of siege they wished to erase the spirit of Vukovar.

i remember crying a lot and often. i remember my new friends that have spent months in a basement due to bombing. i remember people becoming more and more silent…

time for being just a kid was over. teenage years vanished. life, as we all knew it evaporated in a second. nothing will ever be the same.

i started to draw in this period, desperately needing a world to hide in, a world where i can see some light.

massacre…who would have ever thought, who would have ever thought, who would have ever thought…

today, i’m very sad.

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