i won’t go quietly aka mind from the future

in croatia people really like to steal. especially ideas. in legal terms – ‘intellectual property’.

‘long time’ ago i worked in telecommunications as a product manager aka mobile application developer for location based services. at that time mobile phones didn’t have gps but the cell id method was used to determine person’s location (x, y coordinates). among several applications i developed with my team of IT colleagues was also the 1st mobile location application game pi pi pi, pile gdje si ti?‘ – ‘little chicken where are you?’ the skin of the app could be changed easily (tech term). did you know that chicken can be drawn like this (:>)=  i did and gave the idea to ‘creative’ advertising agency as i wanted ‘the coolest’ city light for this app.

i don’t like to bitch about anything, it doesn’t make sense. yet this time i won’t be quiet. the video is in croatian so those of you who don’t understand what it is about i will tell you simply:

  • croatian association of artists (HDLU) took my ideas for huge TESLA exhibition and gave it to private firms to develop it further
  • despite many positive snail mails from the author of the exhibition (Helena Bulaja) to whom my project was an example of what she wants to do, I wasn’t chosen to participate
  • more than 300 artists worked on this project. the budget was humongous. my ideas were rejected on the basis of so called ‘budget’
  • few days ago i saw my ideas on tv > kids love them the most
  • Tesla’s ideas were stolen many times so i guess i should feel privileged at least

i never write bad things about cro and i could make a list long as rapunzel’s hair.

i don’t know what awaits me in my new country but respect there is guaranteed 100%.

not advise: some of you who don’t believe in yourself, realize that stupidity is very loud & aggressive. so  ‘train & become stronger’, then you will start believing in yourself and be able to confront the stupidity. this comes from a tiny person who was always put down from everyone and never ever believed in. now i laugh cause i have nice teeth 🙂

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