the power of running


i run since i can remember and here are few basic running tips:

  • where: the best is to run on gravelly, grassy grounds such as forest walkway; trim trak is also ok but yep, can be really boring
  • how/running style: always start slowly and land on the middle portion of your foot (note: landing on the heel is for walking; landing on the front portion of the foot is for sprint). this type of running comes natural, you can run short and long distances without causing too much stress to your body
  • what/breathing: optimally should be to inhale and exhale through nose. i focus on the rhythm of breathing, synchronizing it efficiently with body movements. when you reach comfortable breathing zone then you can truly relax and just run. i usually inhale 3x and exhale 3x, listening own breathing works intoxicating. guess it’s about the rhythm as if actually dancing not running
  • audio: when listening to music pls wear only 1 earphone as you should have crips audio awareness of your surrounding, especially if running in area that is busy with cars
  • traffic lights: when you hit the red light on the street i either jump in place or relax and shake my feet, and smile to people 🙂
  • swallowing insects; i’m not near bear grylls but that happens – all good, that’s just bljaki proteins
  • important: for the heart, nerves, muscles it’s good taking 375mg of magnesium/day (1 swellable tablet, preferably in the evening) and vitamin C; the pees proteins are also excellent as additional nutritirent

the thing with running is that you only need sneakers and go out, there’s no hassle. and even if you don’t feel like running, once you make the first step the good vibe hits you in, feeling light. everything is in movement so when you run you are like one of those galaxies spinning all around but you cannot see them coz of too much light, but they are there. and in those moments you definitely know that everything is good and ok.

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