Tina: love’s got everything to do with it

i was 6 when i saw her for the 1st time. voice from another galaxy. her majestic hair resembling mane. black mini skirt and stilettos complementing her great legs. aretha was my teenage love; tina is my all time love.

as a kid i asked mum why didn’t she name me Tina instead, well, you can always change your name later if you wish.

i’m working on my digital portfolio and also preparing for the upcoming exhibitions next year, end of january and  june/july. theme is digital art (merging with traditional), i got invitation from a town gallery > most artists in croatia don’t do digital. if asked why not,  they say they don’t like computers, learning SW is too hard and third, some of them are just not good in drawing and painting. plus, HW, SW costs a lot. digital industry is evolving & expanding to different areas so i don’t expect prices of related HW or SW to decline.

i’m not copying anyone’s style as some artists (un)consciously do. there is an established digital visual market (mangas, sexy/erotic fantasy heroinas, child like characters, all kinds of monsters, robots etc., funny in any case) and this makes everything so much easier coz the rules are already set. which doesn’t imply that those rules can’t be challenged. on the other hand, creating art exhibition with no preset rules is simply wonderfully freeing.

in may i went to conference on digital art and was surprised when i met few artists that do only traditional art, meaning working only with aquarelle or pencil. they do look happy and at peace.

so what is Tina doing in this post?

this heroine is the perfect example of an incredibly strong, positive, gentle amazon like woman-hero. she’s my muse for every super special female character. some artists need jungian archetypes to get inspired and that’s fine.

i have Tina, thx T 🙂

ps. video: ”Break every rule world tour” – concert at Maracana 1988. in front of over 180.000 fans

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