purple rain as vlaho bukovac

i wrote once that there is still so much beauty in this world. despite all ugliness around us, we must not giving to it.

i went to Vlaho Bukovac exhibition today. i got free in coz i’m a member of Croatian painting society and that fact still surprises me. and gives me nice chills.

my reaction was, Prince would say it so much better, laughing and ‘crying’ at the same time out of pure visual pleasure. some time ago we were talking and was told, ‘c’mon, digital art is nothing, the painting is the real thing.’ that’s true. no matter how much i play around in digital, i miss the contact, the motion and magic happening between canvas, pigments, hands and other factors materializing visual fantasy. like love, it’s about giving & receiving chemistry. digital art can never replace exciting tactile sensation. digital is applied art, drawing process, often technical and ‘dry’ coz you sit and don’t move. digital art is not easy but it’s really so much fun. yet the real, hands on painting is the real thing. e.g. sex: you can try doing it virtual and get excited and all, but it’s only your brain participating. i notice, bodies of young people are becoming scaringly passive, dull, all is happening in their heads. of course ‘bytes’ are in and more effective but it’s businesses that are getting better off with that ‘effectiveness’, not the evolution of an individual.

i love getting myself dirty, i love wearing the mask and gloves coz turpentine is not that ‘healthy’. so what, a bit of resin surely won’t kill me. i wasn’t that productive in the past couple of years due to private situation and a lack of space.. and a loss of passion. i thought i could paint anywhere anytime in any circumstance, but no.. painting is not like running, can’t just wear painting shoes and off you go. yet i feel it will become like running again. if i don’t paint, create, it’s as if i don’t exist. same as if i don’t love, i would fade away.

yes, i’m finally preparing ‘the real’ exhibition. i have a feeling as if it’s my 1st one. digital is digital, it’s practical, neccesity and a must in 21 cet, as are social media. real painting is everlasting similar to love making. a gift of beauty to those who know..

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