wo(man) as wild

There are only two types of men:

the wild Man and a city boy.

I’m in2 the wild.

new proud owner of:

h.r. gieger is not for everyone’s stomach.

few years ago, i went to vienna to see his exhibition – retrospective in hundertwasser’s house. location was on spot coz design of hunderwasser’s house is all about organic form. especially luv the floor, deliberatley made uneven, and it adds to the whole experience.

i remember my friend from ny who got nauseated nearly at the half of giger’s exposition and had to leave. ‘it was too desturbing’ she told me later, it made her vomit for the reason she cannot understand. i did understand her well. but so i did h.r.gieger.

i love ridley scott. he was presented with gieger’s book during pre-production of Alien and was immediately appointed as conceptual designer for the film.

i feel human being is alien on this planet. no other living creature destroys own planet that is called home. human being does it mercilessly so we wittness greed, foolish power in a hands of a few, uncontrorable expantion in all forms.. all this for the sake of technology. artificial inteligence – ai – is the final step in humanoid evolution and singularity point will be the climax of it.

dna cell in its essence is made perfect but it seems an alien mutation occured long time ago that prevents it from expanding and reaching own humongous potential. here i don’t refer to genes’ theory of selfish gene, but to a single cell as it is. the perfect tiny potential made up of ‘star stuff’.

the ‘unmuted dna’ requires oxhygen/air to breathe, water and movement to stay healthy alive. ‘ai dna’ does not. for ai, trees, plants, water, food, nature per se is uterlly useless.

persons who are born and raised in big cities differ much from people brought up on country side. a person from a city grew up being spirit constrained, while a person from a countryside grew in tune with nature, spirit free. city people do love nature but this love is mental. the nature’s core – the wildness – always eludes them. for this reason their actions, behavior, spirit is not wild but mechanical, programmed, constrained and anxious.

more and more cities are emerging, turining into megapolis. radiation from various base stations and exponential growth of satellites orbiting earth is doing no favor to a new born. human life is never of much importance, it is rather evolution of technology.

that’s why i love giger’s brutal visions. he dived into himself and saw things. he called it imagination, i prefer to call it a part of mutated collective consciousness. that’s why many get nauseated up to the verge of vomiting after seing his works. truth is rarely sweet and comforting, especially when it comes to majority of so called humans.

i have nautilus tattoo on my back for a reason. we are all part of something bigger and beautiful. some are aliens, some are natives. it all depends how strong, withstanding and wild your true nature is.

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