upcoming exhibition

* digital work for the upcoming exhibition

i’m currently on vacation on an little island where my mum and stepdad spend other half of the year. it’s my first time here, definitely not the last. the island is in the middle of the sea so horizon is immense. turquoise is all around me, as well as lush greenery. they also have a boat. 2 days ago i swam with eagle ray and i saw a whale. i free dive (but thinking of doing professional course for the sake of safety).

there are no cars here. there are millions of stars and silence.

regarding creativity & profession, i avoided the notion of comfort zone as much as i could coz this is how you ‘grow’. now i’ll finally dive into it. i’m doing new series in my old/new hand-writing and loving it.

note: in the absence of atelier, digital medium is perfectly fine

2 thoughts on “UW

  1. I do love your new word loveution… That name came to me at least 20 years ago after reading Barbara Marciniak‘s “Bringers of the Dawn”. Also note that love is contained in the word revolution.

  2. Thank you Mr Hunter. I didn’t read Barbara’s book, have looked at it on internet. About Pleiades cluster, since i was a kid i enjoyed looking at them with my peripheral vision: kid’s revelation, when not looking at them directly i can see them! For some reason I always felt my home is somewhere out there, not here. But Earth is a wonderful place to visit.
    A small fact: when looking at the stars we’re actually seeing the past and this truly is a magical fact in itself.
    Yes, within revolution is love too. Many people take T. Hobbes or R. Dawkins views as realistic, true representation of a human being (warlike, brutal, selfish etc.). But they are wrong. All the bad staff is just a part of a learning curve. Sorry i cannot verbalize everything but, yes.
    ps. Nikola Tesla is the best example of a beautifully evolved being

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