sexy sound

if i were a kid, i would dance my ass out to this sound. the simple melody and singer’s voice is just so groovy.

i don’t know if you ever played indians & cowboys as a kid. i did and always played ‘indian’ while john wayne was ‘the infuencer’ on tv in those days. for us, indians were way more cooler than a white man and his funny walk.

among many problems with todays pop music is that you never hear saxophone anymore. in the 80s, sax was the sexiest instrument you could add to some cool sound. it would provide a song with a specially sexy dimension. a simple note: analog sound is way much hotter than digitally (re)mastered sound.

i would definitely love to make out to this song. so groovy. and when somebody says to me that music taste doesn’t matter, i simlpy walk away.

ps. if i decide to come back in an another life, i promise: i’ll be a jazz singer

white man, you can’t kill me.

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