b, as bring it on

Recently I have troubles sleeping which was never a case before. I wake up at 2, or 3:30, 5 etc. Currently I have vivid dreams filled with some weird symbolism. I don’t pay too much attention. I’m aware that in those dreamy moments my mind is cleaning itself from all the garbage accumulated for the past 2 years.

Tonight I woke up at 2:30. Usually I turn around, not making much fuss about it and easily fall back to sleep. But tonight it was the dream that woke me up. It was some kind of very scary nightmare. What’s cool is that I managed calmly and courageously to overcome all the fears and obstacles presented in that dream. The last scene was me sitting on a beach, listening myself: “everything is ok…see, life is full of surprises and just look how wonderful this beach and the sea is.” At the same moment I heard my granny’s voice saying the same thing. She was my ‘true mum’.

Back to 2:30 h. After waking up from that dream I switched my phone on and went on the internet. By ‘chance’ I run straight into this page . I took a quick sip of it and went back to sleep. Sometimes there’re vibes all around you, one just needs to tune own ears a bit better.

I was a ground zero a half a year ago. Just recently I managed to decide, again, to reinvent myself. Cause if you cannot predict the future, invent it.

Disgusting things happened to me recently. They’ve been happening since I was born, all due to ‘my family’. But this last ‘piece’ was almost life breaking. It’s extremely difficult to overcome injustice and crime committed by own family members. I know about the war, I know all about the emotional, physical, financial abuse. But what about child’s right to live freely and one’s right to live peacefully?

I’m in my hometown now, not cause I chose to. I’m here cause last year I had to sell own apartment in Zagreb to cover father’s enormous debts. He never lived with us but with his mum elsewhere. ‘Dad’ was misusing my own firm which I’ve opened only in order to ‘help him’. If I were in some other country, maybe I would be writing this from a prison. Heh, for a future artist, that would be some good biography stuff 😉

So, this year I got a chance to reinvent myself. I’m currently here, intuitively doing almost everything that was written on that page. Not for money, but to regain my life the way I want to. Even though this is a small town, my boat is here, my dog is happy, I’ve low living costs yet high life quality. And there’re enough persons who support me and who vaguely know what was going on. No one views me as a victim and I’m grateful for that.

Also, I’m grateful that my mum finally has a boyfriend so she’s living on island Hvar. I live alone away from ‘home’ since I was 18 so it would be tough for me to share this apartment with her.
My best friends&family are random people who enter my life. I view ‘own family’ as very hostile one, still I’ve forgiven them. No point in nurturing unnecessary, ugly emotions. I’m ok with mum; she helped me a lot in these past 2-3 years and became a good friend. Brother is just like his ‘father’ and that’s ok.

Back to the reinvention, will and guts to survive. Never give up. Life is to live it the best you can. It never asks you politely what you want: life’s just happening. Still, you can be smart and grab a chance whenever you can. The more obstacles you overcome, the stronger and resilient you become. Not mentioning the wisdom one acquires by applying all that knowledge.

As for me, I’m glad cause I finally feel I got a chance to relive life. I’m making baby steps and it’s going fine.

The famous question: What is the meaning of life?                      Answer: Make oneself happy. The rest will naturally come along.

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