talent resides in passion

I am developing digital skills on my own for couple of years. Sure there are tons of youtube tutorials, web pages that inspire and find it great that people love to share the thrill of creating. Everything comes down to you and passion to draw coz without training your hand, synchronizing it with your mind\brain no magic will happen. No sw can make up for that.
Most academic painters view digital art as inferior to ‘art on the wall’. Ok, there’re a lot of bad stuff in digital world, but looking what is sneaking in as contemporary art, i don’t see a big difference in that respect. Except, academic artist has a certificate proving artistic (in)abilities. There are just too many words in today’s paintings saying nothing. Digital art is anything but closed, personally cannot compare it. Maybe coz i don’t see a big difference when it comes to delivering an idea, it all depends on a medium. I am working on a project where i merge traditional and digital paintings, hopefully will apply that to other apps. That’s what digital art enables, to be applied and experienced differently, it’s evolving.
I don’t believe in talent without work. That’s just a sign of a lack of passion and without passion there is nothing, talent resides in passion. Nothing big and beautiful happens in a second. Bad stuff actually often, in a split of a second.
I always have desire for sketching live scenes, krokies…it kind of calibrates my visual mind for creating something later from my head, making my hand relax and free. i did few loose today with pencil.

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